The Indisputable Santa Mathematical Advent Calendar


Throughout the month, to accompany the release of our book on the Mathematics of ChristmasHannah Fry & I are tweeting out Christmathsy bits and pieces, one a day, advent calendar style. Assuming we don’t run out of ideas, that is…


Our book is available from Amazon. Click the image for a link…

Day 26 (Solution to Day 23)

Day 25 (Solution to Day 24)

Day 24 (Puzzle)

Day 23 (Puzzle)

Day 22 (Puzzle)

Day 21 (Puzzle)

Day 20 (Puzzle)

Day 19 (Puzzle)

Day 18 (Puzzle)

Day 17 (Puzzle)

Day 16 (Puzzle)

Day 15 (Puzzle)

Day 14 (Puzzle)

Day 13 (Puzzle)

Day 12 (Puzzle)

Day 11 (Puzzle)

Day 10 (Puzzle)

Day 9 (Puzzle)

Day 8 (Joke)

Day 7 (Puzzle)

Day 6 (Puzzle)

Day 5 (Queen Elizabot)

Day 4 (Puzzle)

Day 3 (Joke)

Day 2 (Puzzle)

Day 1 (Competition)

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