Monthly Archives: November 2014

The Global Lab

I’ve added a page that collects together all the episodes of The Global Lab (CASA‘s science communication podcast) that I have been involved with. Listen to my interviews with civil violence mathematician Peter Baudains, urban navigation expert Ed Manley and spatial technology archaeologist Paul Wordsworth (all of whom are Doctors or soon-to-be Doctors).

You can subscribe to The Global Lab on iTunes or download episodes from the Soundcloud page.

Audio drama now up

I just created a page for my first audio drama short, “I wanted to be useful…” It’s only ten minutes long, so should be easily digestible.

I have included the pitch document for the play, which I wrote for the 2012 Wireless Theatre Company Young Writers Award. It was on the basis of the pitch and a single page script extract that the piece was shortlisted for the prize, so this may be of interest for other writers.

The play even has a brief mathematical reference, right at the end…

Hope you enjoy.

I wanted to be useful…

Garry Martins has had a few bad mornings in his time, but being run over by an articulated lorry and having to argue for the future of his soul in the afterlife probably puts this one in the bottom three…

Some very Pointless maths…

So, I’ve written an article on a mathematical sequence arising from the episodes of the BBC TV quiz show Pointless. Honestly.

Hopefully, it is written so as to be understood without any specialist knowledge at all. I have tried to keep the maths as brief and as friendly as possible.*

I have a couple more articles planned (on equally fascinating and inspirational subjects, of course), so keep an eye out for those.

‘Til soon.

*For those who are mathematically inclined, it’s about Markov chains…

The beginning…

OK then. A full three years or so after creating this site, here is my first post.

Not a lot of content yet, but I’m working on it. So far I’ve added some links to my research articles, and a TV preview that I wrote for London Student last year.

The plan is to include links to my audio dramas and short pieces about each one, further maths articles on a few interesting topics and a collection of my favourite maths puzzles.