Audio Drama: Writer Interview – You like this

This two-part play, written by Katy Highet, was produced for the UCLU Radio Drama project, which I ran in 2011-13. The play was particularly well-received, with a nice review in The Tab and a place on the short list for the British Public Radio Awards, in the Short Form Entertainment category.

I interviewed the writer about her inspirations for the piece and about the writing process. Through the miracle of audio, I recorded my questions in London, while she recorded her answers in Hong Kong. I think she probably had the better end of that deal.

Listen to the play and the interview below.

Speed dating meets Peep Show

You like this – Part I

Tell me about yourself: you have 3 minutes. Tell me your likes, your interests, your education, your job, your friends, your lies, your facades. Present me with the carefully tailored curriculum vitae that you call a personality.

You like this – Part II

… And now do it all over again.

Interview with writer Katy Highet

Cast: Stuart Moss (Presenter), Zefi Hennessy-Holland (Jake), Katy Highet (Lizzie), Valerie Broussard (Sarah), Louise Wadsworth (Kate)
Writer: Katy Highet
Interviewer: Thomas Oléron Evans
Editors: Tomas Stephens, Thomas Oléron Evans
Casting Supervisor: Zefi Hennessy-Holland
Commissioning Editor: Tom Riste-Smith
First Broadcast: 28/11/2012, Rare FM (UCL Student Radio)

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