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2 x Half-Marathon = Marathon

The fabulous Emilie Oléron Evans & Agata Zukowska are running a half-marathon (i.e. one whole marathon in total) in North London in March to raise money for Save the Children’s Syria appeal. If you fancy donating to that cause, you can sponsor them here:

Agata & Emilie’s Fundraising Page

As an added incentive, have a look at this photo, which depicts the last time that Emilie entered a race:


The beginning…

OK then. A full three years or so after creating this site, here is my first post.

Not a lot of content yet, but I’m working on it. So far I’ve added some links to my research articles, and a TV preview that I wrote for London Student last year.

The plan is to include links to my audio dramas and short pieces about each one, further maths articles on a few interesting topics and a collection of my favourite maths puzzles.