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Queues of Cubes

Here is a nice problem tweeted by the Republic of Mathematics:

Free of the constraints of Twitter’s 140 character limit, let’s explain this problem in a little more detail. Continue reading

The solution to the algebra puzzle…

Untitled presentation

The solution to Puzzle #4 is now up. Either follow the links from the puzzle itself HERE, or, if you have seen the question already, click HERE to go straight to the solution.

As I mentioned previously, I think this is a good puzzle for mathematics learners at GCSE level or for those setting out on A-level courses, both for checking up on basic algebraic understanding and for illustrating some specific problem-solving skills. I have summarised the key learning points that I think the puzzle raises on the solution page.


New Puzzle

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I have put a new puzzle up. Nothing too tough this time. A classic algebra puzzle, which I have found to be pretty good as a test of how well GCSE/A-level students understand some basic points of algebra, while illustrating some important problem solving skills.

#4: Hidden depths…
A classic algebra puzzle.
Difficulty: *
Maths knowledge required: GCSE algebra [i.e. 14-16 year olds]. Although KS3 would do…

Click HERE to access the puzzle.

The solution will go up in a day or two.