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More Christmas Maths!

OK, so I’ve come out of my long period of digital aestivation and returned to my blog and to various social media platforms.

Rather excitingly, a new version of Hannah and my Christmas maths book is out today! There’s a new chapter about cake, so that’s nice.

There’s also a US version this year, in which we spell things differently and provide extra info on bizarre British festive traditions (though how they get through the day without detonating a small explosive in a cardboard tube and fighting over a pack of mini-screwdrivers, I have no idea).

The UK Edition on Amazon.co.uk

The US Edition on Amazon.com

Here are the two new covers, side by side:

UK Version

US Version


Secretest Santa


In our new book, The Indisputable Existence of Santa Claus, Dr Hannah Fry and I discuss a mathematically superior way to organise your office Secret Santa. However, some people think they have found a flaw in our system…

Never fear though, we have a solution up our sleeves. I just hope you like cutting and sticking…


Little Written Podcast – Brian Coyle, Page to Stage

BannerMy final Little Written episode covering the Page to Stage Festival featured playwright, Brian Coyle, who would later go on to win the festival’s Best Script award:

Episode 6: Brian Coyle, Page to Stage

The episode is again part of the Little Written Extra podcast, which you can subscribe to using the second of these links (though I’m not sure what else will go into it, now that Page to Stage is over). The first is for the regular podcast, which will have some new content imminently:

Little Written on iTunes
Little Written Extra on iTunes

Little Written Podcast – Clarke McWilliam, Page to Stage

Here’s my second ten-minute Little Written episode, featuring another writer from the Page to Stage Festival:

Episode 5: Clarke McWilliam, Page to Stage

Unfortunately, due to space limits on Soundcloud, I have had to hive these Page to Stage related episodes off into a second podcast that I’ve called Little Written Extra. The main annoyance of this is that the two podcasts are separate on iTunes, so if you have to subscribe to each one separately:

Little Written on iTunes
Little Written Extra on iTunes

Little Written Podcast – Michael Rumney, Page to Stage

Episode Four of the Little Written Podcast is out. At only ten minutes long, this is more of a bite-sized offering than the previous entries. This episode features Michael Rumney, the writer of Bricks, one of the eight one-act plays that have been selected for the festival:

Episode 4: Michael Rumney, Page to Stage

I’m intending this to be the first of a series of episodes where I talk to the writers involved with Page to Stage 2016 (I will try to persuade someone to interview me, at some point!). The next one should be out pretty soon, so keep an eye out for that.