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A Nice Function Puzzle

A nice little function/word puzzle here. Had me infuriated for some time.

You can find a list of all 110 words that were submitted on Twitter, along with their A and B values at M Shah’s blog, here (you need to scroll down to Activity #3). Be careful of spoilers though, because the solution is given just after the list of words.

The Indisputable Santa Mathematical Advent Calendar
Day 1

Happy First of December!

Throughout the month, Hannah Fry & I will be tweeting out Christmathsy bits and pieces, one a day, advent calendar style… Assuming we don’t run out of ideas, which is certainly possible (What do you mean we should have thought this through beforehand?).

First up, a competition!


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Queues of Cubes

Here is a nice problem tweeted by the Republic of Mathematics:

Free of the constraints of Twitter’s 140 character limit, let’s explain this problem in a little more detail. Continue reading

Diabolical Digits

The other day, I did a mini-investigation into an interesting maths tweet from Cliff Pickover. Here’s another:


This fact is beautiful, but is it surprising?

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