UCLU Radio Drama


From 2011-2012, during the first couple of years of my PhD studies, I got a group of students together to write and record short audio dramas. Listed below are each of the plays that I wrote myself.

I wanted to be useful…

Garry Martins has had a few bad mornings in his time, but being run over by an articulated lorry and having to argue for the future of his soul in the afterlife probably puts this one in the bottom three…

10 minute audio drama
Recorded in 2012.

The Final Act

April 1928. Knightsbridge.

A body. A police inspector. Three suspects gathered in the library.

Think you know where this is going…?

Are you sure?

30 minute audio drama.
Recorded in 2012.

Christmas Presents

An elderly lady prepares to spend Christmas with her nephew and his family.

10 minute audio drama
Recorded in 2012.

Writer Interview

I interview Katy Highet, writer of audio drama You like this, described as “Speed dating meets Peep Show”.

2 x 6 minute audio drama
5 minute writer interview
Recorded in 2012.

The other plays produced as part of the project may be found here.

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