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Little Written Podcast: Annegret Märten, Theatre Reviewer

So, hot on the heels (or lukewarm on the heels, at the very least) of the previous episode, here is Episode Two of the Little Written Podcast:

Episode 2: Annegret Märten, Exeunt Magazine

Topics covered include X-Factor style theatrical job interviews, getting bored of film stars and monsters that go “Rrraarrgghh”.

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Review: Nightfall One (1971), Isaac Asimov


Bit of an odd one this.

The other day, I discovered a battered book of short stories by Isaac Asimov on a friend’s shelf, which I proceeded to read. Despite the fact that it is well out of print, I decided to write a review of the book, which can be found here:

Review: Nightfall One (1971), Isaac Asimov
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The beginning…

OK then. A full three years or so after creating this site, here is my first post.

Not a lot of content yet, but I’m working on it. So far I’ve added some links to my research articles, and a TV preview that I wrote for London Student last year.

The plan is to include links to my audio dramas and short pieces about each one, further maths articles on a few interesting topics and a collection of my favourite maths puzzles.