82000 and all that

Special 82000.
The 82000 sequence that I posted the other day seems to have caught the imagination in a few quarters.

Firstly, it led to a highly accessible and concise post from  Professor Richard Green of the University of Colorado, which you can read HERE.

Via the Richard Green piece, it then inspired a post and a lovely series of videos from mathematician Mike Lawler in which he and his kids investigate questions about numbers in different bases.

Oh, and it was Pickovered.

UPDATE: The problem has since been taken up on Hacker News and on Reddit, with plenty of suggested programming suggestions to extend the search for higher terms. The Richard Green post has also attracted a comment from Fields Medallist Timothy Gowers.

On another subject, I have been creating some nicer (and more colourful!) images of factorial fractals to replace the quick ones that I included in my recent post. These will be going up very soon (probably tomorrow). (UPDATE: I have now added these to the post.)

Finally, check out the new Carnival of Mathematics from Solve My Maths. Lots of nice stuff in there, including a few election related pieces (including Matt Singh‘s superb statistical investigation, which accurately predicted the election result the day before, going against all the prevailing wisdom in the process) and a reference to my revolutionary equation.

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