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Little Written Podcast: Annegret Märten, Theatre Reviewer

So, hot on the heels (or lukewarm on the heels, at the very least) of the previous episode, here is Episode Two of the Little Written Podcast:

Episode 2: Annegret Märten, Exeunt Magazine

Topics covered include X-Factor style theatrical job interviews, getting bored of film stars and monsters that go “Rrraarrgghh”.

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Uncaused Effects – A brilliant audio piece on writing

On Tuesday, I recorded a second interview for the Little Written podcast. I was interviewing one of the writers for Exeunt Magazine (details to come when the piece is released) and as part of my preparation, I listened to a few episodes of their podcast Pursued by a Bear.

I had been particularly directed to listen to the episode posted above: Uncaused Effects, which promised Continue reading

Little Written Blog #1: Poor Preparation

little written logo TREATEDThis writing blog is a bit of an experiment. If it works – by which
I mean, if I feel moderately inspired to keep going with it – I will
try to write pieces on a semi-regular basis. Let’s see how it goes.

For the last month or so, I have been working on a short story and, to be honest, I have found it quite a struggle. Continue reading

Writer Interview

Here is a page for my interview with Katy Highet, writer of the mini audio drama You like this (2012). In the play, we listen in to the inner monologues of some speed daters whose communication leaves much to be desired. It’s only a five minute interview, but it gives some nice background information for the play, which is certainly well worth a listen if you haven’t heard it already.

Christmas Audio Drama

Created a page for my 10 minute audio drama Christmas Presents, recorded in 2012. I have included some background notes, written for a competition entry, alongside some very brief comments on how I feel about the play now.

I’m afraid it’s not exactly dripping with seasonal cheer, so if you’re looking for something heartwarming and life-affirming… well, it isn’t that. I hope you enjoy Christmas more than the characters do.

Christmas Presents

An elderly lady prepares to spend Christmas with her nephew and his family.

Audio Drama: The Final Act

Created a page for my 30 minute 1920s murder mystery audio The Final Act, recorded in 2012. I have included background notes, written for a competition entry, and some random musings about London traffic in the early twentieth century.

The Final Act

April 1928. Knightsbridge.

A body. A police inspector. Three suspects gathered in the library.

Think you know where this is going…?

Are you sure?

Audio drama now up

I just created a page for my first audio drama short, “I wanted to be useful…” It’s only ten minutes long, so should be easily digestible.

I have included the pitch document for the play, which I wrote for the 2012 Wireless Theatre Company Young Writers Award. It was on the basis of the pitch and a single page script extract that the piece was shortlisted for the prize, so this may be of interest for other writers.

The play even has a brief mathematical reference, right at the end…

Hope you enjoy.

I wanted to be useful…

Garry Martins has had a few bad mornings in his time, but being run over by an articulated lorry and having to argue for the future of his soul in the afterlife probably puts this one in the bottom three…

Page to Stage Diary: Meet Harriet, Justin and Trudy…

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OK, so there have been a number of challenges over the last few weeks that have prevented me from making any further updates to the production diary. Continue reading